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Digital Marketing Australia - Facebook Ads Lessons to enhance your Effect

Digital Marketing Australia is not as simple as setting up a website there are of several different Digital Marketing concepts to try and understand yourself as a website owner. It is because of this I wish to show to you a few lessons that I have learnt about Facebook Ads. Why Facebook ads? Because Social media is essential to Digital Marketing, and because there are plenty of factors about Facebook Ads that I wished I knew when I first began investing with them.

Lesson # 1 - Location, Location, location - Don't waste your money.

If you have made a Facebook ad before you would know that you need to select a location. So if you are a local Australia Business then you will want to set the location to Australia. It just makes good sense, right?

But what some people overlook is that they choose by default the option for "Everyone in this Location".

So I wish to reveal to you what that actually means. - 'everyone in this location' means each person in whose Facebook says that they are actually in Australia will be possibly targeted by your ad. This is pretty specific, but still broad enough to where you may be wasting money.

People often don't realise, but that 'everyone' button is actually a drop down option, and from there you can chose whether you want people who reside in Australia, or even just people visiting.

So depending on your local business, you may want to be targeting people that are visiting or even on holiday in Australia. By selecting the option for this you can make sure you are reaching the specific people that will hopefully be engaging with your business, and therefore get a better engagement rate on your investment.

But what it also means that if you just keep choosing 'everyone in this location' then you are by default wasting a number of your ad's reach on people that are just visiting.

So always remember this option exists, and have a think about what options are likely to benefit your business.

Lesson # 2 - Image v Text

This is the main thing that I really needed to remember when first starting off. Facebook Ads must contain less than 20 % text, it is Facebook's way of making sure your ads actually are not being too obtrusive and annoying, so you will need to make certain that you have a nice image in your ad and your font isn't too large.

One thing that I generally use is the grid tool. It is provided by Facebook at And it will give you an indication of just how much text you are working with in the ad.

So be sure to keep this in mind and your ads will have more success, and less automatic rejection by Facebook.

Lesson # 3 - Mobile platforms are key

When selecting your platform, don't fall into the trap of selecting just the desktop version. As we all are probably aware, the majority of Facebook users are young, and younger clients basically only use mobile devices. Recent figures from Facebook indicate that almost 50 % of users under the age of 35 only use a mobile device to access Facebook.

Now, it really does rely on your audience, but regardless of whether you are aiming at an older demographic, most will still have mobile devices capable of using Facebook, so don't overlook this possibility.

What this means is just because you may be on a laptop when you make and edit an ad, don't fall into the trap of assuming that people will be seeing your ad on a desktop too. This means make sure you look to make sure the ad works for mobile in the preview, and you explore the amount of ads you want aimed completely to 'mobile.

Perhaps these few suggestions and pieces of advice will help you to save some effort, time, and even some money when it comes to Facebook ads and your Internet Marketing efforts in Australia.

If you are looking increase your Internet Marketing campaign even further, then call Internet Marketing Experts Australia on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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